Lease With Crystal

Tanning Salons are a growing business. More and more people are looking to keep that healthy looking glow year round and entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on the need for ample tanning opportunities. The capital needed to begin a successful tanning salon business, however, can be limiting to some potential salon owners. Here is where we come in. Lease with Crystal is your answer to the desire to grow your business without the capital output that it would take to purchase all of the necessary equipment.

Lease with Crystal is a leasing company dedicated to providing you with the commercial equipment and leasing programs that will meet the needs of your growing business. We have the backing of multiple lending networks, as well as a highly experienced financial team. This allows us to ensure that we can get your deal approved and keep your tanning salon running with the best equipment in the business.

If you happened to be located in the midwest, we have just partnered with a solar panels Iowa based company to offer leasing services on various solar equipment.  Make sure to ask us how you can save money on your elctric bill by leasing the latest solar technology.

Tanning Salons for the rest

Unlike using traditional loans to purchase all of your tanning beds and other equipment, leasing allows you to obtain the latest and highest tech equipment for a fraction of the price and with only a fraction of the down payment. Not only will you need less money initially, but by leasing instead of buying you are able to upgrade your equipment in a much more timely manner than if you were to purchase the tanning beds outright. Our convenient leasing plans allow for upgrades and renewals every two years. This means you can stay on top of your competition with all of the latest and newest in tanning technology. Lease with Crystal has developed relationships with lenders over the years, which allows us to offer you pricing options that aren’t even available to the public! Leasing makes sound economical sense for you and your business and we would be happy to provide free customized quotes for your business needs.

In today’s credit market, it makes sense to work with a group of professionals who are familiar with the equipment and the policies connected to lending practices. At Lease with Crystal we have a combined 25 years of experience in these areas allowing us to be a trusted resource for you and your business! Our job is to be a friendly and reliable partner for you so that you can focus on your job; running your tanning salon!

Our approval process is quick and efficient. We are friends and partners who you can rely on to develop custom financing solutions to meet your individual needs. This means your company can be started with more capital in hand. There is a reason 8 out of 10 U.S. businesses prefer to lease their equipment. Contact Lease with Crystal today to find out if you should join the ranks!