Waterproof drybag review – Pulau Outfitters

Waterproof drybag review – Pulau Outfitters

Dry bags are an essential outfitter item for anyone who is dealing with the elements and wants to keep the contents safe from the wear and tear of nature, especially water. Water-tightness can be immensely useful in a wide assortment of activities such as rafting, backpacking, canoeing and even snowboarding or skiing. Today there are so many nifty electronic devices and other tools that it is important that they receive the proper protection.

Pulau Outfitters is one of the company in that market segment which provides some of the best waterproof bags available such that they have laid claim to the title of Indonesia’s top “Outdoor Life and Adventure Brand.” Here is a quick review of available items so that the best decision can be made when purchasing.

Wave Hunter’s Dry Bags is the name of the brand that they provide and these bags have some quality features. The material makes the bag and a 500D PVC tarpaulin material which means that the bags are built out of quality textiles such that tears are much harder to fall victim to and the water-ingress ability of these bags is very high while still keeping the bag flexible enough to adapt to the sensitive contents which the user wants to keep inside. That material is also excellent for resisting a host of things such as flames, mildew, stains, bacteria, and even the suns beaming ultraviolet rays.

These dry bags also have a thermowelded construction which is far superior to the stitching that can be a point of entry for the harmful water in the average bag of the consumer. The seams of these bags are strong and durable while not allowing the water to enter through the small holes that a sewn construction will so often allow. The heat melds the tarpaulin materials together and helps increase the lifespan even when subjected to the harsh wear and tear that the outdoor activities will undoubtedly deliver.

A roll top closure is the part that allows easy access while also meaning that once the folding is closed over itself there will be a perfect airtight and watertight seal. That type of construction is practically ubiquitous in dry bags, and Pualu Outfitters’ bags are no exception to that rule. There is a variety of great colors and logos to choose from, and the outfitter company can also create custom bags for a company or brand looking to get a dry bag with their own special touch of uniqueness.

The size of these waterproof dry bags from Palau Outfitters determines what type of contents can be kept inside, and for that reason the company offers six different versions so that everything from smart phones and consumer electronics might be stored in the smaller variety while the larger bags provide enough room to store the entire arsenal of tools that one might want to take with them during an adventure in the great outdoors of Indonesia, or anywhere else for that matter.

Overall, these dry bags from Palau Outfitters are up to par such that their construction is competitive with most other company’s offering for waterproofing and water-tightness. There is no reason not to have one available for those times when things get wet. Palau also has a wide range of other products that would be perfect companions for their waterproof dry bags. There is everything from stand-up paddle boards (SUP boards!) on one end of the spectrum to kayaks and all of the great add-ons on the other. They are certainly a place to browse so that one can make sure that nothing is missing from their game.